“Asaval-Dasavali” Political Casting


“Asaval-Dasavali” Rubric: Political Casting

Now Nino Chkheidze is the guest of Political Casting:

- Nino, let’s start evaluating men politicians with the President of Georgia, Mikheil Sakashvili...

- I like President’s appearance. He is tall and well built. He is rather broad- shouldered and handsome man.

- Dato Bakradze?

- Visually I like Bakradze less than the President. He is a balanced and clever man, though he is not to my taste.

- Is Giga Bokeria to your taste?

- No, but I like his discussions and flexibility. He can find the way out of every situation and defeat the challenger with arguments.

- How would you assess Gigi Ugulava?

- I take a liking to him. His face is nice and kind. He is a quiet and balanced man.

- Goka Gabashvili?

- He is a nice person, but I don’t like his appearance.

- Gigi Tsereteli?

- Gigi Tsereteli is really a handsome man, but his appearance is not to my taste. I feel reverence and respect for him.

- What would you say about Irakli Alasania?

- Visually he is rather attractive, handsome and manly, I like his appearance, and also his quick wit and manners.

- What kind of man is Nika Gilauri?

- Perhaps, he is handsome.

- Vano Merabishvili?

- I like him very much. He is always dressed with good taste; he is accomplished and never loses balance.

- Petre Tsiskarishvili?

- Undoubtedly good-looking, but I don’t like him. I prefer dark-complexioned men rather than blond and pale-complexioned ones.

- How would you evaluate Koba Subeliani?

- Very lovely. I have incredibly kind and warm feelings toward him.

- What kind of man is Giorgi Targamadze in your opinion?

- He seems to me a little strict, therefore, he is incredibly manly.

- Givi Targamadze?

- He isn’t a man of my taste.

- Kakha Shartava?

- Sorry, but I don’t remember his appearance, so I can’t asses him.

- What do you think about Koko Gamsakhurdia?

- I don’t like his appearance and manners.

- Gubaz Sanikidze?

- I don’t like Snikidze either.

- Is Levan Gachechiladze to your taste?

- Yes, he really is. Now he gained a little weight, he looked more handsome before. He is rather mannish and attractive man.

- Dato Gamkrelidze?

- He is a handsome man. He has an intellectual and intelligent man’ appearance. Grey hair become him very much.

- What would you say on Irakli Okruashvili?

- I like his appearance. He is a charming man.

- Gia Maisashvili?

- I don’t like him at all.

- Dato Usupashvili?

- I don’t like him as a man, though I am not badly disposed to him.

- What would you say about Jondy Baghaturia?

- He is not to my taste at all. I don’t like bald men.

- Do you like Goga Khaindrava?

- He is rather nice man with characteristic, pleasant and interesting appearance.

- Irakli Batiashvili?

- Undoubtedly, he is an attractive and fine-looking man, though I don’t like men with such appearance. Rough, dark-complexioned men attract me much more.

- Shalva Natelashvili?

- When I look at this man, it puts me in such good spirits that it seems to me, I love him.

- How would you characterize Badri Bitsadze?

- I don’t like that man. I cannot asses him at all.

- What can you say about Edward Shevardnadze?

- I can’t evaluate him as a man. He arises in me association of grandfather. He is a great diplomat.


Megi Sajaia

April 13-19, 2009.